Comprehensive Security – Quiet Professionals, tailored to your global organization’s needs

SSi approaches Comprehensive Security from a practical, rather than an academic point of view. We understand that each situation is unique from the perspective of individuals, corporate culture and the immediate physical environment. With that in mind we apply the following four-step open methodology to each of the Security areas outlined below. Step 4 is critical and an on-going process within each project.

  1. Comprehensive threat/requirements assessment
  2. Program/project development
  3. Implementation
  4. Review, adapt and implement as modified, Review, adapt and implement as modified……

  • Escorted Border Crossing for individuals, groups and high-valued cargo
  • Secure Personnel Transport - In country services for inside airport pickup, transport to hotel, meetings, company or client facilities
  • Facilities Security - Programs and projects that deal directly with the physical security of your corporate global physical assets.
  • Secure Air & Sea Transport - We add pre-trip planning to our other specialities to insure all arrangements including long distance travel by air or sea, ground transportation, hotels and meetings are arranged and cleared prior to travel.
  • Maritime - We deliver professional static security in connection with the US Coast Guard and shipping agents
  • Corporate - Our corporate offering expands beyond your general security requirements by providing expert services in Risk Management.

  • Training - addressing all aspects of Security/Risk Management.