The Company

Formed in 1988, Dallas-based Security Solutions, Inc. (a Texas licensed corporation) merged with MPAC Risk Analysts in 2010. The resulting company delivers responsive and vital Risk Management, Investigations, Litigation Support and Comprehensive Security solutions to a broad range of Clients. Every Client is unique. Our solutions are tailored to the specific requirements of the corporation, organization or individual.

We are experienced, professional Investigators, Analysts, Advisors and Consultants with proven professional backgrounds. Each of us built a successful career dealing with the issues you face every day; mitigating risk to increase shareholder value in a business or improve effectiveness and efficiency in a city, state, federal or military organization.

Carl Arbogast, CPP

Mr. Arbogast is a professional with more than thirty years of law enforcement experience at the Municipal, County, State and Federal levels, and has extensive security and investigative experience as well. He fully understands the differences between these entities, their respective processes and their courts, allowing him to tailor programs based upon the specific organization(s) involved.

He holds the highest professional rating with ASIS, International Certified Protection Professional (CPP). His expertise includes management security program development; policy and procedure; premises and security liability issues. He is a recognized authority on petroleum industry security.

Mr. Arbogast is a recognized interview technique authority and proven to have exceptional skill in achieving desired goals in interviews. He has been awarded multiple honors while active in national professional organizations and industry advisory groups.

Security Solutions, Inc. is built around a team of Professionals who are affiliated with us, as exemplified by Stephen H. Couch and R&D Consulting.

Mr. Couch is a Senior International Executive with more than thirty years multilevel management experience including extensive knowledge of international operations. He has served on the Board of Directors for foreign partner joint ventures in Indonesia, India, and Kuwait.

Building on his experience in the US Military and civilian law enforcement, Mr. Couch transitioned to the private sector where he has held positions, with full P&L responsibility, ranging from Operations Manager to CEO with US owned organizations spanning 15 foreign countries.

Having negotiated contracts with Fortune 500 companies, Big 5 Consulting firms, and multiple agreements with foreign governments, he is comfortable working at all levels of domestic and international business.

A second example of the depth of SSi affiliations is Mr. Bob DeVance doing business as R&D Consulting. They are a complete provider of computer services, hardware and support to both businesses and private individuals.